Mulling over Mastodon

Like many in the Twitterverse, I am currently exploring whether that is still the best network for me to cultivate and participate in. The trend has been heading in a negative direction for a while, but recent changes have me (and millions of other “bird app” users) considering some of the alternatives.

Since it first rolled out 6 years ago, I’ve had a Mastodon account as well. Mastodon is a very (very very very) different platform for sharing ideas and learning from others. It’s federated independent server/instance model allows moderators to control the content on their corner of the internet while still letting users follow and communicate with everyone else on the Mastodon platform.

This week, Bill Ferriter (@plugusin on Twitter and on Mastodon) shared an invite to the instance for those that want to explore this alternative with us. Check it out here:

AMLE 2022

My teammate and thinking partner—Amy Houser—joined me this week in Orlando for the annual conference of the Association for Middle Level Education. We shared a revamped version of our Gradeless Classroom presentation. You can check it out here:…

WCPSS Convergence 2022

It’s conference season! My second presentation of the fall was to our district EdTech conference and I used the opportunity to share about the Reverse Field Trips I did with my students while teaching remotely. Here is my slide deck:…

Choosing Professional Development

This is a tough time in education. Immature students, no subs, no funding.

But today I was reminded of why I need to make time for professional development. That bucket won’t fill itself.

It’s nice to hear Kyle’s voice in my head when reading his most recent post. Definitely resonates with me and my push to write more.…

Learning to love writing again

The truth is that I love writing.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I enjoy reading what I have written.

But it is also true that my life doesn’t allow me enough time to write as much as I would like. Or rather, I don’t choose to create the time that I need to write. I teach middle school science. I troubleshoot and repair Apple devices. I try to parent a couple of teenagers. I try to fix what’s wrong with public education. It’s a lot.

I’m proud of the blogging that I have done under the ScriptedSpontaneity banner over the past 15 years. But I also need a sustainable way to write. And that’s why I’m using this space as a new home for the blog. I am a HUGE fan of this team and the project that they have created. I also LOVE the way it encourages a focus on the words. This is what I need right now.

I’m starting fresh. I’m not bringing over my archive of articles. I’m not building this new space on top of anything else. Here is what you can expect:

  1. I will post here at least weekly.

  2. The posts will be short and often links to content that has been thinking. Content that deserves a conversation.

  3. The conversation will live on Twitter.

Thanks for joining me in this new adventure. I hope that it gets you as excited as it does me.